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We will be discontinuing the use of our old xxx@phbb.com.au and xxx@pascoepartners.com.au email addresses.  Please check and update your email contacts as we will no longer receive anything sent to these email addresses.

Please remember that your staff superannuation for the October to December period is due by the 28th of January 2020.  Unlike the BAS, it doesn’t get the extension to the 28th of February.

If you are lodging your STP remember that you still need to report staff wages even if you are away on holidays.

If you are struggling to keep up with STP reporting we are able to offer assistance and we are able to report on a quarterly basis in conjunction with your BAS provided you have four or less employees.

Please remind us if you have a child turning 14. We like to get them tax file numbers so that we can commence income averaging for the farming kids and have the opportunity to put them onto wages for farming and business kids alike.

They have to get a TFN at some point, so lets organise it now. If you have a TFN and don’t have any income we just lodge a no return necessary with no ramifications.

If you have to send your children away for secondary education you may be eligible for assistance from the State Government. You may be eligible if the nearest available school is either more than 56kms away, or 16kms away if you’re more than 4.5kms from the nearest transport point to the school.

The rate is $2,105 per term per child or $2,709 if you meet the parental income test.

If you have kids heading off to University for 2020 they may be eligible for Youth Allowance as a dependent if you meet the parental income test or on an independent basis if they meet the independence tests. Please talk to us if you are looking into either option.

This is available for self funded retirees who are of aged pension age and meet the income test of $55,808 for singles or $89,290 combined for couples. This does include the value of account based pensions received. Contact us if we haven’t raised this with you.

We would like to give a warm welcome to Georgia Murtha (Bunbury – Receptionist) and Hayley Smeed (Perth – Accountant) who have recently joined the Pascoes Team.


 Date  Obligation
 28 January 2020 Pay December 2019 quarterly Super Guarantee
 31 January 2020 Closely held Trust – Lodge December 2019 quarterly TFN Report
 21 February 2020 Lodge and pay January 2020 Monthly PAYG Withholding
 28 February 2020 – Lodge and pay December 2019 quarterly BAS
– Lodge and pay December 2019 quarterly Instalment Notice
– Lodge and pay December 2019 quarterly SGC (if required*)
– Lodge and pay SMSF annual return for new SMSFs (unless otherwise advised)
 21 March 2020 Lodge and pay February 2020 monthly PAYG Withholding
 31 March 2020 Lodge tax returns for individuals and trusts where prior year tax liability > $20,000
 28 April 2020 – Pay March 2020 quarterly Super Guarantee
– Lodge and pay March 2020 quarterly instalment notice
– Lodge and pay March 2020 quarterly BAS (if lodging by paper)
15 May 2020 Lodge 2019 tax returns for all entities that did not have to lodge earlier
21 May 2020 – Lodge and pay April 2020 monthly PAYG Withholding
– Lodge and pay Fringe Benefits Tax Annual Return (if lodging by paper)
26 May 2020 Lodge and pay March 2020 quarterly BAS (if lodging electronically or through Tax Agent)
28 May 2020 – Lodge and pay Fringe Benefits Tax Annual Return (if lodging electronically)
– Lodge and pay March 2020 quarterly SGC (if required*)
21 June 2020 Lodge and pay May 2020 monthly PAYG withholding
30 June 2020 Pay Super Guarantee contributions by this date to qualify for a tax deduction in the 2019-20 financial year

* Employers who did not pay minimum super contributions by the due date (28 January 2020 & 28 April 2020) must pay the Super Guarantee Charge and lodge a Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statement by this date