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December turnover reporting is due by the 28/01/2021. Please ensure that your data is up to date and available for us so we don’t miss the deadline.


Please remember your Superannuation Guarantee Contributions are due to be paid and lodged by the 28/01/2021.


As previously advised eligibility will be based on your December 2020 quarter turnover being down by 30% on the same period as last year and being eligible for the initial JobKeeper payment.  You may qualify even if you missed out on being eligible for JobKeeper extension 1.

JobKeeper subsidies have dropped to $1,000 for full time staff and $650 for those on less than 80 hours in the reference period.

We need to apply by the 31/01/2021, so please ensure your data is available for us.


Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) offers a quarterly fee subsidy for school students unable to access education services locally. This subsidy is currently $2,139.25 per quarter plus an additional means tested $613.50 for each eligible child.



Eligible tertiary students can apply for youth allowance on a dependant or independent basis with some special rules available for regional students. Applications are completed online, this may be a bit more involved if you have companies and trusts in your organisation. Please contact us to discuss.


Students enrolling in tertiary education can pay fees upfront or enter the HELP system.  There aren’t any discounts for paying upfront and only CPI indexation is applied to the loan annually.

Once income exceeds $45,881 the repayment program commences at the rate of 1% and rises thereafter.

We recommend adopting the HELP system as a cheap loan option.


 Date  Obligation
28 January 2021 – Pay December 2020 quarterly Super Guarantee
– Report JobKeeper 2.0 December Turnover (two week extension on normal reporting)
31 January 2021 – Enrolments for January – March JobKeeper Extension Close
21 February 2021 Lodge and pay January 2021 monthly PAYG Withholding
28 February 2021 – Lodge and pay December 2020 quarterly BAS
– Lodge and pay December 2020 quarterly instalment notice
– Lodge and pay SMSF annual return for new SMSFs (unless otherwise advised)
14 March 2021 Report JobKeeper Extension 2 February turnover
21 March 2021 Lodge and pay February 2021 monthly PAYG Withholding
31 March 2021 Lodge tax returns for individuals and trusts where prior year tax liability >$20,000
14 April 2021 Report JobKeeper Extension 2 March turnover