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Effective, early succession planning can save you enormous financial, personal and commercial grief when transition time arrives. This can happen ‘by design’ when you’re ready to retire or ‘by accident’ due to death or disability. In any event, protecting your business at handover can be challenging on every level.

If you own a family business our expert business advisors will help you craft a succession plan that everyone involved can endorse.  In fact all businesses need a sound, regularly reviewed plan to ensure smooth transitions.

In family businesses a clear succession dispels confusion around ownership and inheritance. In all businesses it promotes sound management, builds loyalty and separates personal and professional interests.

Communication rules

Clear, open communication is at the heart of making your succession plan work.

Our asset protection advisors are renowned for helping hundreds of southwest families and business owners have the profoundly honest conversations needed to underpin great plans.

Succession planning is a challenge but it can’t be left to chance. We’ll work with you to take the stress out of managing business transitions. This includes:

  • Appraising your assets
  • Identifying the most tax effective timing and distribution methods for transferring your assets
  • Working as team with lawyers and any additional professionals essential to bringing your plan to fruition
  • Reviewing and updating your plan to reflect any changes in your circumstances or tax laws
  • Implementing your plan as easily and smoothly as possible
Pascoes AA Succession Planning
Pascoes AA Succession Planning
Pascoes AA Succession Planning 1

Concerned about securing your business future?  We’ll help you succeed


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