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The diverse climate and access to vast natural resources in Western Australia provide the perfect environment for a successful agribusiness industry.

The Western Australian economy is supported by the strong Australian economy. Factors such as ease of location and access to international markets, a skilled and diverse workforce, clean safe environment, a transparent and well-regulated business environment, dynamic landscapes and large capacity to grow makes Australia an ideal country for agribusiness.

Australia’s export volumes have increased as the strong inflow of foreign investment over the past decade has begun translating into new production capacity. Growth is predicted to continue as Australia has ten Free Trade Agreements in place, covering 67 per cent of national trade.

While agribusiness continues to be a booming industry in our country, we recognise the significant challenges our farmers face every day – which was very much felt recently with the national drought crisis. The unpredictability of agribusiness can significantly impact the success of a season and even the livelihood of many communities.

Located in Bunbury, Kojonup and Perth, we are country people at heart and can assist with:

  • Planning for smooth, financially safe succession;
  • Managing your cash flow in line with seasonal fluctuations;
  • Supporting your net profits with tax effective commodity marketing options;
  • Accessing agribusiness concession schemes and subsidies; and
  • Liaising with banks, brokers, suppliers and anyone else whose services are essential to your business wellbeing.