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Your IAS’s are due on the 28th of July – THAT’S TOMORROW
Your BAS returns are due on the 25th of August. If you are expecting a large GST refund, a large Fuel Tax Credit and a top-up of Business Cash Boost then you need to get this into us ASAP

Your SGC Super reporting for the June quarter is due on the 28th of July THAT’S TOMORROW  

If we have been reporting your STP for you, we need to finalise all wages paid for the year by the 31st of July. Please could you get your BAS data and your STP data collection into us ASAP. We have included an extra STP data collection sheet in which you will need to total the full years wages for each employee, like you normally would for a payment summary. Please note you are not required to provide your employees with a PAYG Payment Summary or to lodge a PAYG Payment Summary Statement with the ATO for any payments reported via STP.

You will notice the STP data collection forms are slightly different this quarter and this is due to the JobKeeper payments you may be receiving for your employees. We have included an extra column for you to input the JobKeeper top up amounts. If you are not having to top up your employee(s) to the mandatory $1,500 a fortnight, you can disregard this column.

You are not obligated to pay superannuation on JobKeeper top ups, although you may choose to if you wish.

If you are receiving JobKeeper, we need to declare your July income by the 14th of August. Could you please either have your computer programs updated to the 31/07/2020 by Friday, August the 7th or could you let us know via a phone call or email what your July income figures are so we can declare and keep your JobKeeper payments coming in.


These have been sent to you recently either by email or mail.  We have found over the years that clients who take some time to complete these forms and consider the data have saved themselves considerable time and cost when that actual tax job is completed.


 Date  Obligation
28 July 2020 – Pay June 2020 quarterly Super Guarantee
– Lodge and pay June 2020 quarterly instalment notice
– Lodge and pay June 2020 quarterly BAS (if lodging by paper)
31 July 2020 STP finalisation declaration  (19 or less employees)
14 August 2020 – Report July 2020 turnover for JobKeeper
– Lodge PAYG payment summary annual report for all payments not reported through STP
21 August 2020 Lodge and pay July 2020 monthly PAYG Withholding
25 August 2020 Lodge and pay June 2020 quarterly BAS (if lodging electronically or through Tax Agent)